Telogenix - Youth Enhancement Solutions

MYCO Fashion - Fueling Design Innovation

Mycelium Power - Ancient Wisdom for modern Times


Telogenix - Youth Enhancement Solutions

MYCO Fashion - Fueling Design Innovation

Mycelium Power - Ancient Wisdom for modern Times

Mushrooms Inc.

Mushrooms Inc. a publicly held company (MSVI) actively supporting the growth of the mushroom market through acquisitions of profitable related companies and collaborations with pioneers in the mushroom industry.

This rapidly growing market has many untapped avenues for the creation of environmentally beneficial products. 

Powerful collaborations fuel the growth of Mushrooms Inc. into a company able to compete with the current machines of production that we seek to improve.

At the heart of Mushrooms Inc. research and development arm is the goal of achieving great innovation and creating scientifically proven products that advance health of body, mind and environment.

Building community around Mushrooms Inc. through MYCO Experience proprietary events allows for celebration of our innovations while engaging in and educating about the products available.

We have divided our current efforts into 3 major categories:

Research & Developmentwhere we assess and validate the science behind the benefits

Innovationwhere we test, support and explore new product ideas

Healthwhere we showcase our proven products

Mushroom Supplement for health


TELOGENIX – This youth enhancing product focuses on the health benefits of mushrooms as they work to increase vitality. Telogenix ingredients are scientifically researched superfood components which interact with our body’s cellular processes providing natural support to our biological structures. This optimizes our cells ability to protect, nourish, and balance their functions, leading to less cellular deterioration and improving your overall health and life span. All ingredients have been carefully screened to insure that there are no trace heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, bacteria or GMO components.
Mushroom Supplement


MYCO Fashion – Fueling Design Innovation through:

-Partnerships in Research and Development for environmentally - positive products and design.

-MYCO Experience - Live Art events to engage, educate and celebrate positive innovation.

-MYCO Fashion awards, annual publication and MYCO exclusive products.
Mushroom Supplement


MYCELIUM POWER – ANCIENT WISDOM FOR MODERN TIMES - Mycologist and scientists are just starting to tap the many uses and benefits of Mycelium for our body, mind and planet. Mycelium Power’s mission is to foster partnerships with mycologists, scientists and innovators to help propel the research of mycelium while co-developing products to put its' proven power into action.
Why Mushrooms?

Mushrooms Inc.

The future of mushrooms leaves so much to be discovered and we owe great thanks to the pioneers who have paved the way for Fungi, Mycelium and Mushrooms to be recognized for their life changing benefits.

Mushrooms Inc. celebrates the fruits of their labor through mutually beneficial partnerships that will continue to expose the wondrous world of fungi.

By working together we pool resources into Mushrooms Inc. creating a unified vessel with the power to compete within the current market in ways that cannot be attained individually. 

Mushrooms for health
Kimberly Carlson, CEO
Kimberly Carlson, has repeatedly created meaningful and lasting connections between business, community and the environment. She is able to find the mutually beneficial meeting point between the business and the consumer while always considering the environmental impact of actions taken. Her experiential marketing skills include creating proprietary live art performance events which have proven success in building the business and the brand. A belief that collaborations are essential has fueled her team building skills and employing creative minds has garnered much success for the businesses she has been integral in developing.

She looks forward to forging new relationships in this industry and working with the pioneers to garner mutual momentum for the mind, body and the future of our planet.

Kimberly is excited about the environmental promise of Mushrooms Inc.