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Is It Possible to Repair Cellular Aging?

What if you could extend your health span?

Can we slow aging, or even stop it?

Slow Aging

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Tested in the market since 2019, Telogenix is the first mushroom-based life extension product to be backed by scientific research for its ability to slow aging, reduce cellular stress, strengthen your healthy cells and remove the unhealthy cells from the body (senescence). This revolutionary Telogenix formula is essential as we age to improve and support health and it is beneficial when we are young and active to keep us that way.

The health of mushrooms is now widely known and accepted allowing scientists to apply that knowledge in new and innovative combinations. Telogenix is a mixture of 4 powerful mushrooms and 4 powerful supplements that in combination creates one powerful life extension product.

Nutraceuticals need to be carefully sourced. All Telogenix ingredients have been carefully screened to insure that there are no trace heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, bacteria or GMO components.

Great for athletes too

Telogenix is beneficial for elite athletes because it promotes the natural cellular creation of stem cells which become new tissue.  Telogenix removes old-age cells, lengthens telomeres for increased cellular life, has an antioxidant shuttling system, and rebuilds kidney tissue.

Superfood component chemist communicates with your DNS, allowing your body to make the right choices for improved cellular functions and slow aging.  This product is for competitive athletes who want to abate cellular destruction which occurs under high oxidative stress workouts!

Mushroom Supplement
Robert Richardson - President of Telogenix

The Mind Behind Telogenix

Robert Richardson’s research on cellular aging pathways brought him to the six major causes of aging.  He then identified superfood component chemistry which abates and remediates these major causes of aging.  To bring this information to the general public, he founded the company Telogenix where his YOUTH ENHANCEMENT PRODUCT, derived from superfood component chemistry, provides a natural solution to increase the health span of individuals.

Robert Richardson has 31 years of experience working with notable laboratories; Smith Emery Company and Analytical Technologies (the largest environmental network laboratory in the US). He was owner and founder of Apollo Analytics (a full service environmental laboratory providing service to engineering companies and all the major oil refineries, and superfund sites) and Pegasus Biochemistry (a nutraceutical manufacturing company providing whole food products). His passion for mushrooms and their healing qualities continues in his development of product specific remedies to cellular aging.