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MYCO Fashion – Fueling Design Innovation

MYCO Fashion is proud to announce the newly filed provisional patent for Mycelium created thread – MYCO thread.  

Mushrooms Inc believes MYCO thread will be the newest textile medium for the creation of fabrics that clean up our world in their creation process.  

Focused on the creation of the prototypes and efficient production method, Mushrooms Inc is looking for plant material diversity in their process which will allow for unique agricultural curation on a global scale. 

mushroom capsules
mushroom capsules

We chose the name MYCO which is a prefix that denotes a relationship to fungus. From the Greek mykes, meaning fungus. Mycology is the branch of biology concerned with the study of fungi. 

If you look at images of the many types of beautiful mushrooms (the fruit of the fungus)  and then look deeper into the intelligence of the mycelial roots, you find beauty fruiting from a silent but powerful connected web.

MYCO fashion is the microscope revealing the underground web of connection and showcasing the fruiting product while honoring all layers involved.


MYCO Fashion


A Year of Fashion Innovation


The MYCO Fashion annual publication highlights the year in design innovation.

The publication also reveals the MYCO Fashion line and limited edition pieces for purchase.

mushroom capsules

MYCO Experience

mushroom capsules

Engage in The Change
MYCO Experience taps into all of the senses with movement, color, taste, touch and sound while integrating the science, innovation and beauty of mushrooms.
MYCO Experience is an Expo, Festival and Nature combination. This unique mix enables companies to showcase their products and deliverables in a lively atmosphere that supports the health and environmental goals of the emerging mushroom industry.
Everyone loves a great party and MYCO Experience takes events to a new level. MYCO Experience designs interactive live art events focused on the world of Mycology.
The purpose of these events is to bring community together with innovators in celebration of Mycology.

Mushroom Supplement

MYCO Experience is an intense improvisation of visual, auditory and emotion framed in the beautifully unpredictable world of nature. It is a play ground for innovation where those who attend experience the newest of all things mushrooms framed in live art performance.