Our Telo-Balance formulation helps your body with Mitochondria recycling, cellular efficiency, muscle strength, anti-oxidant, pro-apoptotic, increased lifespan, anti-inflammatory, increased muscle strength, and blood glucose regulation.

Each capsule contains:

  • Maitake – 250mg/pill
  • Elligatannins – 250mg/pill

The Science Behind Telo-Balance

Cellular Efficiency

There are six major causes of aging and one important one is cellular efficiency.  It all starts with energy.  Without electricity in your home nothing works.  The main energy producing generator in our cells is the mitochondria.  This organelle within our cells takes fats and sugars and converts them to an energy molecule that our body uses in all its cellular functions.  This molecule is called Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP).

When we first eat food, sugars and fats are absorbed in our colon and they enter our blood stream.  From there they can enter the cells throughout our body.  Once inside our cells the mitochondria convert the sugar and fats to ATP.


As we get older this process has different points where it does not operate as well.  This leads to further downstream declines of our cellular structures and their functions.  One main cause of aging is not being able to get the sugar and fats into our cells.  When this happens, our blood fills with easily oxidized sugars, and fats forming a thick sludge in our blood that leads to plaques formation on our arteries.  The oxidized sugars then stick and attach to proteins forming more sludge.  The technical term is advanced glycation end products (AGE).  These sugar protein complexes clog the internal and external workings of our cells.  This is where Maitake mushrooms come in!

As mitochondria get older they lose their ability to generate ATP.  Our cells then re-cycle these old worn out power stations.  But as we get older this recycling process diminishes and our cells become ever filled with poor performing mitochondria.  One of the bad effects of old mitochondria is that they produce free electrons inside the cell.  These cause free radicals that are nasty rouge molecules that destroy the interior of your cells.  This is where a strong anti-oxidant response is very important.  The body produces anti-oxidants like glutathione peroxidase, which quenches free radical destruction.  Also, there are many anti-oxidants found in foods we eat.  These assist the body in eliminating free radicals.

Mushroom Supplement
Mushroom supplement
Maitake Mushroom

The solution

Telo-balance has very complex components which support the body’s natural ability to slow aging.  The first important hurdle is regulation and modulating blood sugar and blood fat levels.  Within the Maitake mushrooms are very complex intricate sugar complexes called beta-glucans.  These natural food components attach to cellular receptors and pass on information communicating to our cells to help the body’s natural ability to regulate blood sugar.  Through this process, our body’s glucose and triglycerides are said to be modulated.  A fancy word that means our body’s cells are in charge of regulating up and down the concentrations of sugars in our blood.

Because the blood sugar is now being provided to the mitochondria the cell is generating more energy for its different needs.  And because old worn-out mitochondria are being replaced by young vibrant ones, the cells’ energy and efficiency improve.

Blood Sugar Regulation

What is very interesting is that these food components do not work like drugs that force our cells to perform a certain way, but rather allows our body’s cells to make up their own minds, and regulate the cells environment themselves. Because of this action of balancing blood sugar and blood fats, there is less potential for glycation to occur.  But beyond this the Urolithins reduce AGE that already exists in the blood (anti-glycating).

A component of pomegranate are elligatannins.  They are very large molecules.  They are broken down in our intestine to create a smaller molecule called Urolithins.  Urolithin allows old mitochondria to be re-cycled.  Urolithins increase the efficiency of removal of old de-funk mitochondria that are producing free radical destruction.

Maitake Benefits

When the elegatannins are broken down to smaller molecules, they also produce many different very effective anti-oxidants.  Another extremely important component found in the Maitake mushroom is L-ergothionene.  L-ergo. Is only found in mushrooms.  No other food source has it.  L-ergo. Acts as a chaperone to anti-oxidants, and shuttles the anti-oxidant all around our body’s cells, seeking out, stopping and quenching free radicals.  Taking a lot of anti-oxidants is great, but until they are brought to points of oxidation, they cannot do their job.

An increase in cellular energy and efficiency has been demonstrated in mice studies.  It has been shown that the mice muscle tone improves, their grip strength increases, their learning ability improves, and there is an increase in life span.


Beta-glucans from the Maitake Mushrooms, allow our cells to modulate our immune systems by allowing our body to increase or decrease different types of immune cells.  This improves our immunity to fight off invaders to our bodies.

These super food components are extremely safe.  They communicate with our cells through cell receptors and then allow our cells to make their own decisions.   Through DNA expression, brand new proteins are created by our cells that then take appropriate action to increase and improve the efficiency of our structures and their functions.  Unlike Drugs that force our cells to take a specific action, and therefore have many side effects, natural superfood chemistry found in maitake, does not act directly, but rather allows our bodies to govern themselves.


If our systems have gone so far astray that we have to diagnose and treat different disease states, then we have to seek a medical doctor’s diagnosis and treatment.

What we are striving for with anti-aging superfood components, like maitake, is a better than optimal state of health.  We want continuous peak cellular efficiency.  We want to stop any and all cellular deterioration.  We want any deterioration to be remediated back to the body’s intended cellular best performance.

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