Our Telo- Extend formulation provides increased energy, Telomere enhancer, Increased Hayflick limit, reduced telomere shortening, cataract elimination, and provides telomere lengthening to leukocytes.

Each capsule contains:

  • Carnosine – 100mg/pill
  • Astragalus – 400mg/pill
  • The Science Behind Telo-Extend

    Telomeres control how long your cells survive.  Telomeres determine how many times your cells can replicate before they stop and become old useless cells (called senescent cells).  As we age our white blood cells (immune cells), telomeres shorten.  When they become too short, these cells become useless and are old age senescent cells, leaving us vulnerable to invading threats.

    We would all be dead in two days if not for our immune system.

    It is our very complex system of immunity that ferrets out invading bacteria, virus, toxic organic chemicals, and our own rogue cells gone astray.

    When the immune cells divide, to respond to outside threats, their telomeres shorten.  After so many replications, the telomeres become so short that the immune cells can no longer be replicated.   This is called the Hayflick limit, named after the Dr. who discovered it.  Our immune cells, because they are in constant battle, are continually dividing, to produce more cells for different fights.

     Within the DNA is a gene that encodes for a special catalyst, called Telomerase.  This catalyst, has the ability to lengthen the telomeres of the DNA.  Unfortunately, the anergic immune cells become dysfunctional and lose their ability to lengthen their telomeres.  When cells can no longer continue to divide, because of short telomeres they are termed Senescence (which means old age).  The effect is our immune system slowly becomes weakened through time, a truly old age symptom. READ MORE

    There are many types of cells in our body’s which are constantly being degraded through natural process.  Some types of cells are the ones that line our intestines.  Another are the cells lining our lungs.  Both are constantly exposed to outside chemicals and stresses which cause them to degrade.  And as they degrade, they divide to form new cells to take their place.  Each time they divide, the cells telomeres shorten.

    Other cells which are renewed constantly are called proliferative cells, these are cells within your bones, liver, skin, hair follicles, pancreas, and heart smooth muscle and in certain parts of your brain.  As our skin cells become old aged (Senescent), these fibroblasts cells slow down on their production of collagen, elastin and growth promoting factors.  Aged skin becomes thinner as it loses fat pads and hyaluronic acid (a natural moisturizer).  Our aging skin gets the familiar spotty, saggy, pale, and wrinkly look, mostly due to aging fibroblasts that can no longer support the outer skin cells.  These appearances are an indicator of the length of telomeres in these fibroblast cells.

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    Mushroom Supplement
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    Mushroom Supplement

    Within our hair follicles there are specialized cells called melanocytes.  These cells provide the color to our hair.  Stem cells in the follicle produce the melanocytes.  And when the telomeres wear down they cannot replace themselves fast enough to keep up with the hair growth.  We end up with grey hair.  There were studies done on a type of mouse that had grey hair.  By restoring the telomerase, the mice regained their natural colored hair.  Greying hair is an indicator of the melanocytes telomere length.

    We have all heard that stress kills.  Anxiety, depression, anger, frustration, are all signs of stress that we all go through from day to day.  And all of our daily stressors, cause our cells telomeres to shorten prematurely.  Have you ever notices how our Presidents show up as good looking men, and four years later, their hair has turned grey?  A long time researcher and Nobel Laureate Dr. Blackburn writes about stress in her book “The Telomere Effect”.  She goes through many many human observational studies which shows that the structures of the body’s cells telomeres shorten prematurely caused by stress.


    The great news is there is a way to extend these cells telomeres length, and extend their lives.  There is natural herbal chemistry which has the action of activating telomerase.  Once activated, our immune cells short telomeres are extended.  Breathing new life and ability to protect our bodies from outside destructive forces.

    There was a research study performed on Astragalus, an extract of this ancient Chinese herb.  This human trial demonstrated that the product was safe, and proved with real quantitative science that the senescent cells with their short telomeres, could be lengthened.  Now the Chinese have used this herb for thousands of years and they knew it had positive effects, but they had no idea how it worked.   But they knew from thousands of years of use that it worked.  By extending telomere length the herb clearly provides Anti-aging benefits to the user.

    Here is an example of how our immune system is effected, and how lengthening telomeres helps to improve its function.  Chronic (continuous) viral infections like CMV (which 80% of the world population has), Herpes virus (cold sores), and HIV all accelerate telomere loss, and cause pre-mature aging to our immune systems. As our immune cells fight chronic infection, they lose their ability to lyse infected cells, and their ability to put out warning chemical messages to other immune cells.  This is an effect of our immune cells becoming old and worn out.  The great news, in a recent study, there was a twenty percent reduction in these old age cells, which were not performing properly.  So components of this herb helps to support the performance of our immune cells, as well as their overall health span.   The physicians who looked at the health of the participants of this study through one year, found no adverse effects related to the herbal remedy.

    Components from our foods have the ability to come to the rescue.  Chemistry that communicates with our DNA, whispering in its ear, allowing our DNA, our body’s chemical manufacture to create brand new chemistry we never had before.  Allowing our cells to make new proteins which alleviate, and reverse the problem caused by shortening telomeres.  And the solution comes directly from our body’s pharmacy, not man made drugs.  Our bodies have evolved these proteins created by our DNA over millions of years.  By understanding the correct foods to eat, we can access our internal bodies healing chemistry.

    Carnosine is found only in meats and is made up of two amino acids linked together.  Carnosine increases the Hayflick limit – the number of times our cells can divide before becoming old.   Carnosine reduces the telomere shortening rate and increases the number of times a cell can divide.  This essentially regenerates our cells life, and increases the lifespan of the individual.  Another effect of telomere elongation, was improved retained memory.  By not allowing our brain cells to become senescent we retain our brain cell functions. Our cognition will not decrease.

    Carnosine is used up quickly in the body over a relatively short time.  Because Carnosine is made up of amino acids which the body uses to make proteins, it is not toxic.  To get enough Carnosine, you would have to eat a steak seven days a week.  This sounds tasty, but within the meat are other chemicals like cholesterol, that eaten in a large amount might not be very healthy.  But we can take an appropriate amount of Carnosine in pills, so we can realize its beneficial effects.

    Living a long life is our goal, but what is just as important is to have a long health span.  What we do not want is to have the last twenty years spent taking in the doctor’s office, not being able to walk and run, suffering from debilitating pain, and lack of mobility.  We want to dance and play up to our last day!  So a continuous maintenance program is what we need for our bodies.

    From all of the wonderful biochemistry research we now know many of the critical bottlenecks which cause our structures within our body to degrade.  We know how their functions also start to decrease leaving us with less and less ability recover from outside negative influences.  One of the most important aspects of controlling aging is keeping our cells from becoming old and useless.  We need to keep the telomeres long enough that our cells can continue with a youthful zest.

    What we want is not to have to treat or cure a disease.  We want to improve the structures of our cells.  If we want to stop aging we want our functions to operate better than optimal.  We must improve our systems to be at peak performance, throughout our entire life.  By this action we will have a very long health span, as we also live to be very very old.

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