Our Telo- Extend formulation helps your body with Anti-glycation, improved memory, NGF generation, decreased neuronal death, kidney cell regrowth (the Chinese “Gate of Life”), immune modulation, inflammation downregulation. Each capsule contains:

  • Hericium – 250mg
  • Reishi – 250mg

The Science Behind Telo-Nourish

Superfood chemistry keeps our cells and organs operating in a healthy way, as they were intended to do. As we deal with the stresses of life our body’s experience outside influences that are extremely bad for our body’s systems and organs. When a welder at a shipyard breaths in the fumes and is exposed to high levels of UV light, his lung tissue, and his skin are ravaged by free radical generation. When we entertain clients from work and sit in a smoke-filled restaurant, the very toxic dioxins coat our skin, and as we breathe our lungs assimilate toxins which are transported throughout our blood to our organs. Two simple examples of life’s stress. I am sure you can think of many others.

How to deal with these issues are difficult. So, the really good question, is how do we abate and remediate harmful and dangerous conditions we face in our lives. As it turns out, there are simple actions that we can take. Embedded within our cells are thousands of cellular systems which our body’s structures use to protect our cellular integrity. There are superfood components that work to activate these functions of our organs. There are transcription factors that enhance our cell’s natural abilities to produce brand new chemistry which comes to the rescue, in literally thousands of different ways.  Pharmaceutical drugs have only one action, against a disease state. But, supporting our cell’s natural healthy ability with superfood components allows them to produce hundreds to thousands of new proteins, all of which protect and nourish our bodies. The nerve growth factor is generated in our brains to produce neurotransmitters chemicals. It keeps neurons alive, creating new learning networks, so we can remember better. As our cells are destroyed by toxins like alcohol, we need to regenerate them.

Mushroom Supplement
Lions mane mushroom
Reishi Mushroom

The superfood components from the mushroom Hericium supports the healthy function of our brains cells to generate NGF and once generated it goes to work to help us to remember and learn. Another action of Hericuium also called Lion’s mane; it allows our cells to naturally form and fold these newly created proteins in a more efficient manner.This keeps our cells free from added junk proteins, which would have to be removed.The beauty is our body provides all this beautiful chemistry in a healthy way supported by Lion’s mane.

Reishi extracts were found to stimulate the production of nerve growth factor, which in turn supports the rapid development of healthy neurons and enhances their mitochondrial function.

The triterpenes and polysaccharides from the mushrooms supports the oxidative impact of destructive proteins such as amyloid plaques, and they protect brain cells from the inflammation.

Another superfood component of the mushroom Reishi, through transcription factors, support our cells natural ability to create enzymes (catalysts), which destroy free radicals. The free radicalsthat arecreatedby so many hazardous chemicals we come in contact every day.

These super food components allow help with inflammation. Reshi supports our cells in lowering a pro-inflammatory proteincalled NF-kb. By allowing our cells to do their natural job, we keep our organsfrom deteriorating. The longer our organs remain vibrant, young and healthy, the longer we can live.

Reishi protects mitochondrial DNA and the mitochondria themselves from oxidant damage that weakens their energy-producing abilities and makes them inefficient, another major cause of aging.

Reshi has also been shown to support and maintain a healthy liver function.  The liver is our body’s blood filter.  It removes the toxins from our blood.  When we keep our livers in a very healthy state, we are protecting our selves from outside toxic forces.

Laboratory studies show that the polysaccharides and triterpenes in Reishi extracts can prevent the development of new fat cells from pre-adipocytes, helping to limit excessive fat storage.  The extracts also have favorable effects on lipid profiles (cholesterol and triglycerides).

Much like the garden and flowers growing in your back yard, providing them with the correct balance of fertilizers and minerals, nourish the plants and allows their natural god given abilities to flourish.  When weeds pop up we remove them, allowing the flowers to have all the water, minerals and nutrients to flourish.

A tremendous amount of research has been done to understand what our bodies systems do naturally, and what food components support their healthy function.  Your doctor does not tell you this, as he is geared by the system to prescribe pharmaceuticals.  When was the last time your doctor, had you visit him, and he sat you down and went over all the foods to eat?  When did he do an exhaustive look at all the minerals, organic chemicals, vitamins, and phytonutrients needed to support your body’s structures and functions?

If the answer is never, then perhaps it’s time to look at the current scientific data; start eating superfood components that empower your body to live a very long healthy life.

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