Our Telo-Protect formula helps the body with Anti-inflammatory, immune modulation, senolitic, mitochondria ATP enhancer, oxygen enhancer, sirtuin activator, pro-apoptotic, & neuron protection.

Each capsule contains:

  • Cordyceps – 400mg/pill
  • Fisetin – 100mg/pill

The Science Behind Telo-Protect with Cordyceps

We don’t want our cells to degrade or be damaged but rather we want to protect them from outside influences. We want to continue to refresh their inner workings. And replace parts as they get old before they have any catastrophic failures. This is like replacing the water pump or radiator before it breaks and leaves you stuck on the side of the road. We want to change the oil filter and oil, and replace the gas filter. By doing ongoing maintenance our car engine will last five times as long.

First let’s supply our cells with as much energy as it needs to run all their systems, especially their recycling and cleaning centers. We get our energy from the performance of the mitochondria. Oxygen is needed by the mitochondria to produce ATP. As the protons tumble through the power turbine within the mitochondria, then in the final step these protons attach to oxygen and form water. It’s kind of an interesting fact, that our bodies make water.

What is needed is to increase the efficiency of oxygen uptake through our lungs, into the cells of our body, and finally into the mitochondria where it’s used up. By improving this efficiency we are reversing time, bringing you back to a younger day when it was literally easier for you to breathe. Can you remember when you were young and jumped and played?

Cleaning and recycling are important functions performed within our cells. We have cells that are depleted and old-aged, worn-out dysfunctional cells. These cells are normally disposed of through apoptosis. That fancy word means programmed cell death.

Our cells have a death receptor. And when a neighboring cell sees a failing cell, the button is pushed and the cell breaks up and is recycled. But some few cells find a way to bypass this. They are senescent cells (old age). They do damage to their neighboring cells, by putting out false communication signals. They can be a source of free radicals which destroy cellular tissue. These cells are like chunks of carbon particles in your car’s engine that scar the cylinder walls. These cells need to be removed from the body.

Just like the black thick oil in your car engine, that causes the bearings to not be lubricated properly, and clog the valve lifters causing clattering sounds, high blood sugar levels in our blood are easily oxidized and then these fragmented sugars attach to proteins, reducing the efficiency of the cell’s process, and creating a sludge that slowly degrades the body’s systems.

We call this aging. But when you think of this in terms of maintaining your car engine, you might wonder why don’t I maintain my cellular system just as I would my car? The answer is we have been taught that getting old is a natural process; it happens to us all, it’s inevitable. With our recent understanding through cell biology, there now are other realizations for great health that now are in reach.

Cordyceps Militaris
Mushroom Supplement

One of our greatest allies to our health and protection is our immune system. It literally keeps us alive, fights of bacteria, viruses, and aberrant cells and toxic chemicals. The immune system is like the walls of our house. They keep the rain and the snow out, the hot sun, mosquitoes and bugs, burglars and thieves. You would never think to have gaping holes in your walls and let all that bad stuff in. So of paramount importance is to keep our immune system in tip top shape, enabling us to live a long protected life.

Like all our systems we need to keep them Lean and efficient, strong and agile. When our body takes on too much fat, our cells put off pro-inflammatory signals attracting our immune cells to come and look for intruders. Our first soldier, the macrophage, comes to the area, and it puts off more inflammatory signals calling for back up help. Fat especially around our stomach and waist cause our internal organs to also feel the macrophage communication signals, and they mount a defense. Pretty soon our body’s cells are all on lock down, slowing all our cells youthful advance.

Increased ATP, energy for all our body’s cellular functions can be delivered by a specific component of the mushroom, Cordyceps. This time tested, FDA GRAS-approved mushroom supports our cells’ natural process. And it has no toxic effects. Because it opens up our cells’ natural abilities to produce more ATP, it is not addictive like a sugar high. The other remarkable trait is Cordyceps beta-glucans enable our basic cells ability to transport oxygen to the mitochondria with greater ease. This is why Olympic athletes have used this herb for generations.

Superfood components in Cordyceps communicate with our cells, they become more aware, and their natural abilities are unleashed to remove badly performing cells through apoptosis (programmed cell death). But still, some cells escape from programmed cell death. But a unique component of berries comes to the rescue. It has the ability to whisper in the ear of our cell’s DNA creating brand new chemistry that assists and supports the removal of senescent cells (old age cells). This senolitic removal is just like having a misbehaving spectator at a public rally; one person screaming and yelling causes others to be annoyed and distracted. Our body’s cells remove this bad-acting cell from our other well-behaved healthy cells.

A tremendous amount of knowledge is stored in the beta-glucans of Cordyceps. They plug into our cells’ receptors and pass on information that empowers our cells’ natural abilities to modulate and regulate our immune systems. Providing our body with the healthy ratios of different types of white blood cells. The soldiers that fight for us. We need a certain amount of navy men, who deliver our foot soldiers to the fight. Then when things get intense, they call the air force for an air attack. So by supporting a healthy balanced immune system, we remain protected from outside nasty invaders.

A healthy level of glucose in our blood is important. Too little leads to a lack of energy and exhaustion. Too much and our blood becomes thick and creates glycated proteins. The beta-glucans from the cordyceps help our cells maintain a healthy blood glucose level. The components of berries communicate with our cells and support and maintain our cells’ abilities to remove Sludge from our blood. Sending these junk molecules to the cleaning and re-cycling centers of our cells. There the sludge is broken down and the component parts are re-used to build healthy new youthful cells. Who knew, that our cells used “Green” technology to improve their cellular world?

The wonderful quality of Fisetin, the component of berries is that it speaks to our cells supporting and maintaining cellular integrity. Because it does not act directly, it does not have only one action. But rather it allows our cells to pick a multitude of pathways to keep our cells running smoothly and in peak youthful performance. Under Fisetin’s tutelage, our cells’ genes slow our aging clock down, through a process called the Sirtuin response.

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